Luxury Redefined: Riding in Style with South Coast Limousine

Luxury Redefined: Riding in Style with South Coast Limousine 

From a “cushy” commute to the ultimate wedding experience, no details should be forgotten, especially the transportation. Getting from point A to point B only requires a comfortable vehicle that runs efficiently, but why not enhance the quality of the ride? By renting a premium transportation vehicle, you can offer passengers the trip of a lifetime whether it’s a short jaunt from the airport to the hotel or a road trip from L.A. to Vegas. If you’re curious about where to find such a service and what it has to offer, read on to learn about South Coast Limousines.

South Coast Limousine’s World

Providing over a decade of service, South Coast Limousine has been transporting clients in the Orange County area and Southern California. They also serve the vicinities of Los Angeles and San Diego. Plus, they provide luxury travel in the areas of Dallas, Houston, and Austin, Texas as well as Miami, Florida. Their stellar selections of exclusive transportation include a wide range of vehicles that can transport large and small groups and everything in between. By calling or sending a message and specifying timelines, locations, and any special requirements, South Coast can come up with a customized plan for your trip.

Elegant Fleet

Also, an exceptional luxury travel service won’t possess a one-size-fits-all fleet of vehicles. In fact, you’ll encounter a variety of vehicles that fit your purpose perfectly. For example, South Coast Limousines has a fleet that ranges from the classic Lincoln Aviator, which fits 6 to 7 passengers, to the Pax Motorcoach MCI J4500, a luxurious charter bus that easily fits 56 passengers. In between, you can choose any of the following:

  • Chevy Suburban – 6-7 passengers
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van – 12 passengers
  • Grech Motors Minibus – 28 passengers; 36 passengers; or 48 passengers

All vehicles fit the high-end, luxury aesthetic and suit any occasion or trip.

Unmatched Services

No premium vehicle rental is complete without a chauffeur and the route or itinerary, depending on the journey that you’ll be taking. And speaking of journeys, clients can choose travel packages that are specially tailored for their group, the occasion, or the event. For instance, South Coast Limousine offers shuttle bus rental for the following:

  • Corporate events and conferences
  • Weddings and social events
  • School and university trips (including special occasions and field trips)
  • Employee shuttle services (including a long-term commute package)
  • Hotel bus rental services
  • Airport shuttle rental services

Additionally, if you have more people in your group, or if you’re traveling longer distances, the charter bus provides a luxuriously comfortable option. Similar to the shuttle packages, South Coast offers bus services for:

  • Corporate events
  • Weddings and social events
  • School and university trips (including competitions)

Elevated Comfort

Exclusive transportation also comes with the finest interior for optimal comfort and top-tier amenities to make the ride more enjoyable (or productive in case of business trips). Starting with the interior, all seats in our vehicles possess the perfect ratio of firmness to comfort for a smooth ride. Additionally, you can look forward to reclining seats which come in handy for road trips or commutes back home from a long day at work.

Other amenities include free Wi-Fi access, electrical outlets, and climate control. For those longer rides on buses, passengers can watch their favorite programs on HD T.V. Moreover, the buses come equipped with restrooms for the ladies and the gentlemen. Drivers will assist with loading and unloading luggage.

For Every Occasion

As you can see, luxury travel doesn’t have to be restricted to black-tie or white-tie events. When a limousine service has a versatile fleet, like South Coast, that can accommodate any size crowd and almost any distance, you can count on upscale transportation for any occasion. For weddings, sweet sixteens for quinceaneras, proms, and many other special occasions, premium transportation offers a more efficient means for getting groups of more than ten to and from the venues.

With similar logistics in mind, your company’s team can more easily navigate around meeting sites during a business, trade show, or other corporate events. Thus, a limousine service that rents shuttles is not just a luxury–it’s also a necessity when you and your colleagues need prompt transportation to places. Moreover, you can rely on a professional, experienced driver who’s familiar with the area.

Exploring Elite Destinations

Plus, you can take an ordinary vacation (or even a staycation) and make it extraordinary by renting a luxury travel vehicle that best accommodates your group. When traveling to a city that you’ve never been to before or exploring your own community (if you happen to reside in our service areas), you can plan an exciting itinerary of fun places to shop, historic sites, and intriguing architectural tours. Another great option to tour the finest vineyards in California to sample world-class wines.

Creating Memories

Additionally, premium transportation offers the best setting for those unforgettable moments in every event. You can perhaps visualize the wedding party celebrating with a collective sigh of relief after a perfect ceremony as they travel together to the reception venue. Likewise, you can also imagine the laughter that accompanies a gaggle of teens on their way to prom as they take their selfies. A luxury SUV or minibus seems to add to the festive feeling of those memorable celebrations.

Safety First

Lastly, we haven’t forgotten about the most important aspect of traveling–safety. First off, South Coast’s vehicles are well maintained, so there are no concerns about mishaps or breaking down during a trip or tours. Most importantly, all drivers carry the proper endorsements for transporting passengers, including individuals who require special accommodations. They are also specially trained to take the safest routes, thus making your experience more enjoyable without the stress.

So exclusive transportation is the way to go whether you and your friends are planning an evening of clubbing, or you simply need to arrive at the airport on time. By renting a vehicle, you can let someone else do the driving as you relax, take in the sights, and enjoy the moment with your family or friends. For a solution to your travel concerns, contact South Coast Limousine for more information and a free quote.